Air Stone Diffuser

Air Stone Diffuser

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Air Stone Diffuser

Typical Applications

Sintered air stone diffusers are commonly utilized for porous gas injection, with various pore sizes (ranging from 0.5um to 100um) that allow for the passage of small bubbles. These diffusers are instrumental in gas transfer aeration, creating high volumes of fine, uniform bubbles. They are frequently used in wastewater treatment, volatile stripping, and steam injection processes. By decreasing the bubble size, these diffusers increase the contact area between gas and liquid, leading to reduced time and volume necessary for gas dissolution into liquid. This results in improved absorption due to the generation of numerous small, slowly rising bubbles.

Typical Applications

Air stone diffusers are versatile devices used in a wide array of applications. Here are some typical applications:

  1. Wastewater Treatment: Air stone diffusers play a crucial role in the aeration tanks of wastewater treatment facilities. They help in oxygen supply, aiding the breakdown of organic waste by microorganisms.

  2. Aquaculture: They're widely used in fish tanks, ponds, and aquaponic systems to increase oxygen levels, facilitating healthier aquatic life.

  3. Hydroponics: In hydroponic systems, they're used to infuse oxygen into nutrient-rich water, promoting healthier plant growth.

  4. Beverage Industry: They are used in the carbonation process to infuse drinks with carbon dioxide, producing fizzy beverages like beer and soda.

  5. Volatile Stripping: In this process, they're used to strip unwanted volatile compounds from liquids.

  6. Bioreactors: Air stone diffusers are used to supply air or oxygen in bioreactors, facilitating the growth of microorganisms or cells.

  7. Pond Aeration: They're used to supply oxygen to man-made ponds, helping maintain the health of the aquatic ecosystem.

  8. Steam Injection: In oil recovery and soil remediation processes, air stone diffusers help in injecting steam.

  9. Spas and Pools: They help create bubbles in pools and spas for a soothing effect and aesthetic appeal.

  10. Aquariums: They help maintain adequate oxygen levels in aquariums, essential for the survival of fish and other aquatic life.

Air Stone Diffuse Solution

HENGKO stands at the forefront of numerous markets, providing leading-edge solutions. Our high-performance filtration devices are highly adaptable to meet various needs. If you can't find the exact product you're looking for, we're more than ready to collaborate with you to create a custom solution tailored to your requirements.

You Can Share us Your Diffuser Stone Design, Pore Size and Other Requirements, We will supply best gas diffuser solution for your system within 48-Hours, Please feel free to contact us today by email

Different Types of Aeration To Choose Different Diffusion Stone

Replaceable Micro Air Stone Diffuser


1/2'' NPT X Barb Inline Diffusion Stone


3/16'' Wand Oxygen Diffusion Stone

OEM Micro Bioreactor Spargers


Round Pie Air Sone Diffuser


Sintered Metal Sparger Pipe


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Spargers play a crucial role in the production of diverse beverages. HENGKO's porous metal spargers enhance gas absorption in liquids by 150% to 300% compared to traditional drilled pipe spargers. Their tiny pores create small bubbles that significantly boost the rate of mass transfer while minimizing gas usage. These spargers find extensive applications in various beverage production procedures, including carbonation, oxygen stripping, and oxygenation.

Replaceable Micro Air Stone Diffuser Connect with tube Directly

OEM Big Micro Air Sparger Tube for Bioreactor System

Special Design Micro Pore Air Stone Diffuser Connect with Outer Nut

Replaceable Micro Aeration Stones Connect with Long Tube 

Micro Air Stone Diffuser with OEM with Rod Connector

OEM Special Connector Micro Air Stone Diffuser For Your Sparger System